I'm Ali, wife to Phil and mama to Zoe and Ethan. We've spent the past 6 years living and working with Mercy Ships on board the world's largest non-governmental hospital ship, the M/V Africa Mercy, as nurse, electrician, and ship's baby respectively. On board the ship, we worked with a team of volunteers from over thirty different countries, providing free surgical care and healthcare development, bringing hope and healing to the forgotten poor in West and Central Africa.

In March of 2014, during a routine ultrasound, we found out that our unborn son, Ethan, has a four-in-a-million condition known as heterotaxy. He has major congenital heart defects, and we're still waiting to find out what effect this will have on his other organs. While the future for our son and our family is uncertain, we are more than ever convinced that God will be faithful to lead and guide us through this new season the same way He has in the past.

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We have just started out on this journey with our son, so there's not much to say yet. We're still in the process of figuring out exactly what his little heart and his other organs look like and what that will mean in terms of treatment after he's born. We're pursuing care at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and praying that God will provide financially. As time goes on, I'll update here with information and links about the specific pieces of his diagnosis and surgeries (since all this medical speak can be hard to unravel even for a PICU nurse like me), but for now we're just waiting until we get our second opinion down at CHOP.

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