we had the first snow here in Jersey last night--beautiful, sticking to the bare branches kind of snow--falling gently while we sang praises at Tuesdays@8
#1 mummy on 2008-12-17 09:33
What a gift to be able to take your seasickness and find in it an opportunity to get close to God.
#2 Julie (Homepage) on 2008-12-17 12:18
Hi! I hopped over here from AmyBeth's blog. I have very much enjoyed reading through your latest posts. What an adventure you're on! Can't wait to read more.
#3 Erin (Homepage) on 2008-12-17 12:23
What a beautiful moment with God! Your descriptions are so satisfying... just beautiful and emotional and real. And thanks for finding me my favorite band of the moment!
#4 Lenae (Homepage) on 2008-12-17 19:01
Oh Tenth Ave ... They are amazing. I've known the guys through a friend of mine for a number of years now. When I was leaving to come here back in January, they gave me a copy of the not-yet-released album and told me they figured it was something I should have with me.

So true. I've listened to it almost every day this year, and it was a favourite of all the patients on the ward too!
#4.1 AliRae (Homepage) on 2008-12-18 02:46
You know how cathedrals, especially the steeples, are supposed to be so high so worshippers can get closer to God? I think it's the same with Deck 8. While it is a fact that He is omnipresent, I still miss the times on Deck 8. I'm glad you're able to cherish them even when it's seasickness that takes you there.
#5 Cheryl on 2008-12-17 19:09
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