Thank you for the reminder, Ali. I am sure we all have that impression from time to time that 'real ministry' must surely begin in some other state or place than where we currently call home. After all, we didn't move here to serve, but to be served! I came for employment && to be comforted by my possessions before I head back to do 'real ministry' somewhere else.
Jesus is indeed in Jersey as well as my current locale; thanks for the reminder && for saying hello to Him.
#1 rictor on 2009-02-19 09:31
Thanks, Ali. You are my literary hero :-) Thanks for capturing it so beautifully.
#2 Sophie (Homepage) on 2009-02-19 21:43
You're right. I needed that.
#3 Katie (Homepage) on 2009-02-20 14:33
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