I don't feel like I have anything profound to say to you, but I wanted to finally leave a comment after reading back on your blog for some time. (I found your blog a few months ago and have spent many an hour reading old entries!)

I can relate to dealing with grief and loss and I know the feeling of doubt that something will come along that will tip the scales and I won't be able to hold on.

What I remind myself in those times is that it isn't really me hanging on anyway - the Lord is hanging on to me. There is no way that I could go through "it" or something like it again. Not in my own strength, that is.

The Lord has called you to this task and He has been faithful to prepare and equip you for the task. You are correct when you said, "He will not let me fall."

I have enjoyed reading about your ministry and work. Congratulations on your recent marriage. You both look so happy!

#1 Lori Schneider (Homepage) on 2009-06-05 02:38
Hey Ali! I know how hard it can be...I've definitely been there and lost patients and gone through the heartache of it all...But keep on praying and hoping and trusting in the Lord...I read this verse today and it made me think about you and all my brothers and sisters over on the Africa Mercy:

"You faithfully answer our prayers with awesome deeds, O God our Savior. You are the hope of everone on earth, evern those who sail on distant seas" ~Psalms 65:5

I thought that was so fitting! Keep hoping in the Lord!
#2 Rebecca on 2009-06-06 00:35
Our good Lord is holding you in his hands, he will give you strength through this... hang in there!
#3 ChristieNY (Homepage) on 2009-06-07 12:46
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