Where are all the volunteer neurosurgeons?

I love you, you know? And, beautifully written, just for the record.
#1 jenn (Homepage) on 2009-07-19 12:45
I also love you. But that goes without saying. Also, ER?! Hello?!

Fatou's dad actually tried to convince me, over the course of our conversation, that it would be pretty easy to get a neurosurgeon to come to the ship. I think he said something along the lines of, "Well, all you need to do is find some rich people and tell them about the work you do. Then they will give you plenty money so you can pay people to work instead of being crazy and working for free. Then the special doctors will come. It's easy."

Dear, dear man.
#1.1 Ali C. (Homepage) on 2009-07-19 13:55
I literally hang on every word you write. Such heart wrenching stories told with such beauty and grace. Thank you for giving us glimpses into your life on the ship and into the lives of a few of the precious people of West Africa. In a smaller degree that can be experienced from afar, I feel as though these stories are changing my heart as well. Thank you for telling them.
Many blessings,
Jody Landers
#2 jody landers (Homepage) on 2009-07-19 12:45
Ok good then. I shall make that my job.
1. Find plenty plenty rich people
2. Tell them that people in Africa are dying (novel...I know)
3. Convince neurosurgeons that living in a 3.7-square-foot cabin is wayyyyyy more fun and rewarding than anything they could possibly dream up in North American life.
4. Accompany neurosurgeons to Benin.

Done :-)

And yes, apparently I am an ER nurse. It makes me want to barf small small, but, when all is said and done,I am going to be so smart and competant, it is going to blow your freaking mind. And then, we are opening a clinc. Have you heard? Talk to Stacy :-)
#3 jenn (Homepage) on 2009-07-19 15:47
I hope someday soon Fatou's dear father understands that God didn't "do this" to her. It must be a hard thing for him to grasp. I suppose he doesn't think Allah did it? I don't know Muslim theology very well.
#4 Marie on 2009-07-19 21:09
To a Muslim, anything that happens is considered "Insha'Allah", in the will of God. While he maybe didn't mean that Allah/God DID this to them, he surely believes that He didn't do anything to stop it, and he's hurt and upset that this would be His will. It's tricky, because our own theology says pretty much the same thing; God's ways are higher, and so we can't really get mad when we don't understand.

A lot of times, I'll see Muslims using Insha'Allah as almost something to hide behind while they let their kiddies live with cleft lips and treatable tumors. Because Allah willed it that way, who are they to seek treatment to change things. This papa is actually going against the general way of things in having Fatou at the hospital at all.

There are no easy answers...
#4.1 Ali C. (Homepage) on 2009-07-20 01:30
I find myself at a loss for words here. I struggle with thoughts in each post you write.

I simply want to comment to encourage you. You've opened my eyes to worlds I could not have imagined.
#5 kaitlyn (Homepage) on 2009-07-20 18:23
Your writing is amazing. So is your heart. I enjoy reading your posts. I too feel that my heart is touch each and every time I read them. May God continue to bless you all.
#6 Steph on 2009-07-20 18:23
Ali, isn't there any way of getting Fatou to a proper acute-care hospital where they can shunt her? I know there are charities that bring kids to the States for such treatment but for such simple (in relative terms!) surgery, surely someone can pull together the funds to get her to Dakar or somewhere similar?
#7 Becca on 2009-07-24 08:34
The doctors at the local hospital are working to get her to Nigeria, I believe. It's just next door to Benin, so there's a good chance she'll end up there. They just needed a CT to confirm what was going on in her little head, and we're the only CT scanner in West Africa!
#7.1 Ali C. on 2009-07-24 11:04
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