Congratulations on the promotion, shift change, and more time with your husband. God bless.
#1 Tricia (Homepage) on 2009-09-06 19:11
I'm sort of in the same boat...

In three days, I'll work my last night shift at my current NICU. my hubby and I moved a couple months ago, and I've been traveling back and forth between two cities to work/live - and I finally got a job in the new place! I'm going from working a full time job of 3 12 hour night shifts to a Baylor daytime schedule - Saturday and Sunday every week, with Mon-Fri off. I couldn't be more thrilled :-) (Although I understand what you mean about the early alarm - mine will be going off at 5:30.)

Yay for us, and the happy new schedules :-)

Also, yay for you and all the great work you continue to do. I don't know you, but I do know that your ward is lucky to have you :-)
#2 April on 2009-09-07 01:31
Congratulations! It must have been so hard to have such a difference in schedules with your husband. Enjoy your time together now that you're in sync!
#3 Lilly (Homepage) on 2009-09-08 17:10
Best grilled cheese EVER?
#4 Padukes on 2009-09-08 20:34
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