Is HIPPA coming to MercyShips?
#1 April on 2009-09-16 17:01
hahaha! Since we're still allowed to use names and stick up the photos that the official photographer takes, I'm thinking we're still a far cry from HIPAA. We are trying to make our little ship hospital more first-world all the time, so I wouldn't wonder if that's the next thing to come down the pipe ...
#1.1 Ali C. (Homepage) on 2009-09-17 01:37
Your blog is a wonderful reminder that kids are kids are kids. Through all the political and self rightious arguments about how we should be focusing on the kids in "our" country, your photos remind us that a child in need belongs to us all. The smile on their face is a universal language that we should all listen to. God bless you for what you do.
#2 Jennifer on 2009-09-16 19:44
I love to read your blog. I miss home but love to read your stories. It is amazing to see God use on a daily basis. Keep writing and we will keep praying for you.
#3 James Owolabi (Homepage) on 2009-09-18 19:19
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