Here I am, at a big event working away with 250 people milling around, asking questions, running to meetings, catching buses, playing golf, etc. AND, here I am sneaking a peak at some blogs while I have a break in the action. Next thing I know, people are asking me if I'm OK. I have to explain that what they see are tears of joy, not sadness.

I read your post to the young couple that work with OJ & I with whom we also do college ministry with at church. They looked at me and said they thought they better learn all about my job/business--they think if I ever get on the AFM, I probably won't come back.

I so appreciate you feeding my heart from the other side of the world, and I so admire what you do.
#1 Sher Sutherland on 2009-09-29 21:35
I love reading your blog. You really should write a book. You have a gift. Thank you.
#2 Steph on 2009-09-29 22:05
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