Thank you for sharing. I am sorry for everyone's loss and joyful that she is with Jesus. you really put it well when you said that Maddie is with Jesus and He is with her family. But I'm still crying and that's okay too.
#1 Jill on 2009-10-27 16:09
Oh Ali, I'm sending so many prayers for Maddie's parents. I can't bear to imagine.

And thank you, as always, for your perspective and your attentiveness.
#2 Julie (Homepage) on 2009-10-27 16:14
I'm so very sorry....
#3 Amy (Homepage) on 2009-10-27 16:23
God is so faithful. Thank you so much for sharing this. I will be praying for the family and for Suey.
#4 Kim (Homepage) on 2009-10-27 19:39
thanks for sharing this story!

wow! what a way to experience God being with you.....even in the midst of sorrow!!
#5 jennifer grant (Homepage) on 2009-10-27 20:32
I wish that everyone who tries to do life without God could read this.
#6 Sher Sutherland on 2009-10-28 10:43
Praying for Maddie's family,
Praying for Suey and you,
Trusting in a faithful and unfailing God.
#7 Clara on 2009-10-28 11:44
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