My sentiments exactly:
#1 Lore (Homepage) on 2009-10-29 15:00
Cook that I found your blog. We are a family living in Virginia and I have three kiddos adopted from Liberia. We've been over twice and love West Africa.

Oh, and I have a daughter named Alei (pronounced the same) that used to say that she wanted to be a nurse on Africa Mercy; now she's not so sure.

God bless,
Jenny at
#2 jenny foringer (Homepage) on 2009-10-29 16:21
Enjoy your break, you have earnt it!
#3 elissa on 2009-10-29 16:22
Praying that our gracious God and Father will refresh you and fill you with faith for the weeks to come
#4 Janet on 2009-10-30 16:49
enjoy your break with your husband! :-)
#5 jenn Grant (Homepage) on 2009-10-31 10:38
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