Behold, what manner of love!

Thanks, Ali, for sharing so beautifully about the Love that has been poured into us to overflow into the lives of others who need to experience that very same Love through us.

This week I launched a blog called Stitchable Sisters, about the Hope and Healing God is threading among women and girls worldwide, and included is a post titled "In Light of Love":

Thank you and God bless you for how you serve and Love!
#1 Candie (Homepage) on 2009-12-05 14:50
Love this verse, and with a maiden name of Starr it gives me added (spiritual ;-) ante to finally get that star(r) tattoo I've always wanted! Why not give and give with promised reward like that?! Much love, friend!
#2 Dina (Homepage) on 2009-12-05 18:25
Hi Ali, Just wanted to let you know how interesting and exciting it's been to read your blog. I've been working my way through the stories and it's such good work you are doing. It's encouraging to hear of some good things going on. Thanks for letting us be a part of the action. Thankful to God, Caroline
#3 Caroline on 2009-12-05 22:41
wow...reading this reassures my anxious heart that i've signed up for the right thing and for the adventure of a lifetime.
thank you for sharing so eloquently...
#4 tati on 2009-12-16 21:04
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