Ali,,,,,,,,,,,we read your blogs all the time,,,,,,,,especially, me and colleen,,,,,,,,We are thinking of you and praying for you and the children.
take care of your self.
Love Maryanne and Colleen from
"the wood":]
#1 maryanne on 2008-03-05 13:37
Cam said to Mom yesterday that we should be praying for you at the dinner table when we say grace as a family. We always pray for Sheilagh, but he wants us to pray for you to. And he asked if we could put your Mercy Ships prayer card in the middle of the table while we prayed! Just wanted you to know the little guy's thinking of you. ;0)
As am i.
Much love,
#2 Fi on 2008-03-06 07:16
Ali way to reference Isaiah 55 and put into application what you have learned. Very good, very good.
#3 Lambo on 2008-03-06 17:42
God bless you as you do this wonderful thing. I often wondered as my little 26 week premie son held on to his little life how God could have allowed him to be born to suffer so much. My faith was severely shaken. But, miracle after miracle in his life showed me that all I need to do is trust in Him and know that He is in control of EVERYTHING. Maybe those little boys that you cared for were placed there at that time by God to bless you and teach you. Maybe it was their only purpose on this Earth. You are doing a wonderful thing and you will be blessed here and in eternity. Those children are in wonderful hands!!Love, Becky (Head nurse on peds at RWJUH)
#4 Becky Ramos on 2008-03-07 11:58
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