This is amazing to read Ali.
Did you just start this blog or did I just discover it today.

Take care.

#1 Marnie on 2010-03-12 18:26
This breaks my heart.
#2 tricia (Homepage) on 2010-03-12 19:29
you are so right! no one should be alone!

I am so glad God has put you and your mates right where you are to help these people that are suffering!

Bless you!
#3 jenn Grant (Homepage) on 2010-03-13 17:52
Vincent in dignity take each hour, precious a gift from the Creator
The valley will not be long nor alone, angels guard the path
The Gentle Shepherd comes near, present to cheer
Vincent take courage, be strong
Around you are the Arms that will lift you
The prayers that God will answer – rest still
Offer up to our Father a heart of trust, let Him take
You to the realms of Splendour, meet Him, our Saviour
He will not quench the flame, His promises remain
True – Vincent take courage, be strong
#4 anon on 2010-03-20 13:32
God bless you, your husband and the rest on board for serving Christ the way you do!
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