AMEN!!!! Love ice cream :-)
#1 Steph on 2010-04-14 17:52
One of my favorite thoughts...that the Spirit interprets our prayers. What a relief, seeing as the emotion and frustration mingled with the little hope and faith I can muster would surely get lost in translation down here! And thanks for the analogy with the ice cream, you reminded me that I've got two quarts waiting downstairs that my husband brought home for part of my anniversary gift! Praying for Maurius...
#2 Dina (Homepage) on 2010-04-14 18:44
whoo hoo! :-)
i love ice cream too! :-)
#3 jenn Grant (Homepage) on 2010-04-14 19:35
I am so thankful for those new mercy's every day... and so happy to hear that Marius is doing better... and so, so happy to hear about that sweet moment where you two held hands... I don't know where God is when the innocent suffer, but I do know that God is very much present in moments like that.... and I'm very thankful that he has restored you once again!
#4 elle (Homepage) on 2010-04-15 10:49
God is faithful - all the time. Whether we like His answers or not. That's the struggle, isn't it? We must rest in the fact that God is God and we will not completely comprehend Him. However, He has made Himself known to us. He sent His Son to be one of us and share the sorrows and pain of this world. Isn't that amazing?

It is these times of triumph that we have to hang onto and remind ourselves of when we have those tough days where nothing makes sense. Tuck the emotions of this day in your memory book and pull it out when you need to remind yourself of the Lord's faithfulness, grace, and mercy that He shows us everyday.
#5 Lori Schneider (Homepage) on 2010-04-16 02:31
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