Oh, the VVF ladies. I'm not sure anyone will ever find what it takes to steal my heart they way they did. Just as you're a peds nurse, I most definitely, am not. Adults are what's comfortable. Women and the treasure they are in their Father's eyes charges me up more than just about anything else. Combining caring for adults and the privilege of sharing His love with them was an honor I hope to receive again. Yes, receive. I feel sure I gained more than they.
#1 Cheryl on 2010-05-25 20:22
Thank you for being willing to open your heart to Maggie's ladies; which really are God's but its the way I think of them. I will pray for God to give you His special love to share with them.


Carol (Maggie's mom)
#2 Carol on 2010-05-26 12:35
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