Remember the starfish story - you make a differance one patient (starfish) at a time, without being able to fix the fact that the tide brought the starfish up on the beach (Africa is still Africa). The love shown each one - Tani, Gafar, and the hundreds of others - makes a difference to them, even if their villagers still don't get it. Keeping them forever means you wouldn't be able to make a differance in the next one's life! Knowing how to say "I LOVE YOU" has put a soft spot in their hearts that will be there forever. "When you do it for the least of one of them, you have done it for me," says the Lord.
God Bless.
#1 Nicky on 2010-06-29 14:49
You have such a beautiful heart. Prayers are being said each day for all of you. Not knowing what happens to these beautiful children can't be easy. I just can't imagine. May God continue to bless you all.
#2 Steph on 2010-06-29 16:05
I hear ya, my friend. It's heart torture, isn't it? And it sort of makes you wonder why. if this kiddo is just going to go home and die, why did I spend 3 months with him living in my home? Why didn't he just die before his daddy brought him to me in the nearly-gone state? And what about the little girl with the huge eye tumor? She hasnt' come in awhile. Is she with Jesus now? And so many more. I feel your pain. Wishing I could hug you and maybe cry a bit because we both know what it's like. Praising God for His infinite knowledge and wisdom. Bless you :-)
#3 Sophie (Homepage) on 2010-06-30 00:05
After the tangle, I'm sure it's hard to revel in the truth of knowing that you were Jesus to these little ones, that they experienced the love and the light of him through you. If only it were enough just knowing that for some it was the first time in their lives they felt loved completely and fully for exactly who they are.
#4 Sher Sutherland on 2010-07-01 14:21
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