Amen and amen.
#1 Susan Wilks on 2010-07-27 19:13
Oh Ali, thank you thank you thank you for this... I cannot tell you how quickly your words quieted and calmed my heart... we've moved across the country into a new home, leaving jobs and friends and community aside so that I might start medical school... next Monday August 2nd... I am nervous about finances not knowing when my student loans come in and quickly oh so quickly watching my checking account dwindle... I'm afraid nobody will like me and that I won't make any friends that I won't be the best and brightest and prettiest girl in class... I'm afraid that I'll fail, that med school will be to hard...

And then there is this post of yours... this reminder that my journey has been led each step of the way by my great provider, and that my heart and soul as much as they may long to be the best and brightest and prettiest, even more deeply long to be used by Him to lead those who don't know Him into His captivating presence, to heal the sick and dying all over the world. And this journey as scary and soul shaking as it is for me... is not at all about me but it's about him and you and those sweet sick children that need doctors of all kinds but for whom there never seem to be enough doctors....

thank you ali.... and I'll be praying for your next three days!
#2 Elle (Homepage) on 2010-07-27 20:49
Amen, and Amen!
#3 Amy (Homepage) on 2010-07-28 00:56
3 more days!!!! Amen, Amen and Amen.....
#4 Steph on 2010-07-28 16:55
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