Those are some hungry, hungry hippos. It would seem anyway.
#1 matt on 2010-08-29 11:23
Your photos are breathtaking! What wonderful memories you are creating that will last a lifetime. I am enjoying your descriptions and details.
#2 Lori Schneider (Homepage) on 2010-08-29 20:32
Thank you for sharing your adventures. I love reading of your experiences because you share them so person-ably; my heart was a racing slightly as your crawled toward the hippo fight:).
#3 deb glazner on 2010-08-30 08:55
Ali, I'm just catching up, doing a marathon of blog reading. Your photo of the impalas (I think?) is just stunning! What kind of camera are you using on your trip?
#4 Susan Wilks on 2010-09-11 20:37
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