Ali, I remember well having a patient die during my first field service in Benin 1997. As you said, they don't put that info in the orientation packet (and in that day the orientation packet was practically nonexistent). I thought that C was the first patient who had died on the ship. I had seen dozens of people die while working in an American ICU or at a bush mission hospital in Sierra Leone, but you're right, on the ship it was unexpected and somehow just a bit harder to understand. Over the years I had the sad privilege of being with many who died. One of the most memorable for me was when a father, amazed by all the crew had done in caring for her daughter, asked that question, "why do you do this?" It provided an opportunity to shed light in a dark situation and allow God to redeem it for his purposes.

I catch up on your posts from time to time and love feeling like I'm there if just for a little while. Thanks for sharing!
#1 Jean on 2011-10-23 22:00
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