Thanks for updating us Ali and for your reporter mom to keep these blogs in front of us. Send me some people to pray for.
#1 Marnie on 2012-01-28 13:44
Hello Ali, When you sent out the prayer requests at the end of last Togo visit I didn't realize how their stories impacted me. At that time my son Jeff Locke had just completed a 3 month short term mission on the Africa Mercy. Now 18ish months later as you know he has just completed 2011 in Sierra Leone and is with you again in Togo and beyond. When he first told me the ship was going back to Togo, I thought and prayed for those people who didn't get the chance last time. As you all prepare for the screening tomorrow, may you all be blessed and may God protect and guide you all through what he wants to accomplish in Togo for 2012.
God Bless, Joanne Hewlett
#2 Joanne Hewlett on 2012-01-31 16:16
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