‘Saying hello’

Hi! We’ve never met so I hope it’s okay that I’m leaving a message. My name’s Jenny, I’m 21 and I’m flying out to join the Africa Mercy crew next week as a steward. I stumbled across your blog during my search for information as I try to- if it’s even possible- prepare myself what life is like on the ship. I’ve really enjoyed reading about your adventures and can’t wait to start the next chapter of mine. I’m really excited, but anxious too; it would be great to have a friendly face when I arrive. I’m a bit worried this sounds like an attempted bribe after what I just said, but (and I promise this is no strings attached) if there’s anything you/other crew are really missing that I could squeeze into my bag, feel free to email me at, I’d be happy to try and smuggle it in.

Best wishes,
Jenny, from England
#1 Jenny Clark on 2012-11-27 14:32
Hello! I'd read your blog years ago and loved how you mixed the adventures and the hard times together in each post. This year I'm volunteering at the MShips office in Holland in the media department, and a great photo of two young moms, babies cosy in backpacks, came across my editing screen. I definitely had a "Ooh I want that to be me some day!" moment (both to the adventure setting and the baby in tow). Today I looked at the photo again and thought, "Hey, that looks like the nurse from the blog...." And it was! Cool to be able to read your blog again now, knowing way more about what Mercy Ships does. Keep up the awesome work!
#2 Lee on 2012-12-04 07:41
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