I tried commenting on an earlier post in which you talked about your struggles breastfeeding, but my comment disappeared for some reason. I just want to say that you should feel NO SHAME about switching to formula. Every baby is different. Every mama is different. And sometimes formula is the best option. (And I say this as an FP physician who is very much pro-breastfeeding!) Your sweet baby got a lot of breastmilk and now she is thriving with formula. If that makes you happier and a better mama, do not feel bad about it. I'm glad she is sleeping better. My 6-month-old still is getting up at least once every night but I'm hoping that now that we are getting settled from a cross country move she might sleep through soon. We'll see. Your daughter is beautiful!
#1 aubrey (Homepage) on 2013-06-27 17:00
Thank you for that. Even though I know it was the right choice, it's actually really affirming to hear it coming from an unbiased medical professional. (AKA not myself.) I haven't typed this out yet, since the laws of the internet state that this is the best way to make myself into a liar, but Zoe's actually slept through the night 6 out of the last 7 nights! Three of them were 12+ hour nights, and another three were 10 and then another few after a quick bottle! Long may it continue, despite the fact that I just totally jinxed myself. :-)

I have to admit that I totally just blog stalked you a little bit, and that video of Naomi laughing is pretty much the cutest thing I've seen all day. You have adorable kids. :-)
#1.1 Ali C. on 2013-06-27 19:14
Yay for sleeping babies! It took my son about 9 or 10 months to sleep all night and now he is an awesome sleeper. I was actually ashamed to tell people how he'd take a three hour afternoon nap and sleep until 9am or so until he started trying to drop the afternoon nap around 2.5. Now, even at 3.5 he still can take a several hour nap and sleep until 8.

I am rather biased, but I also think my kids are pretty cute. And happy that I could actually catch them doing something so adorable on video.
#1.1.1 aubrey (Homepage) on 2013-07-05 01:27
Unfortunately, it would seem that the quickest way to get your kid to stop sleeping is to tell the internet about it. :-( After a blissful couple weeks of 12+ hour nights, she's finally started teething with a vengeance. She's working on her first 5 at the moment and has no idea what to do with herself; it's been a few very long days and nights, but this too shall pass. :-)
# Ali C. on 2013-07-05 06:30
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