Ali, I haven't been on BBC in a good while. I checked back to your Dad's page today (had it bookmarked) and was happy to read he'd completed his journey. I thoroughly enjoyed his postscript as well.
While reading his blog, there was a link back to you - and I thought I'd peek in to read your most recent post.

Well, I needed this post more than I can say and I just wanted to stop and say thank you. This post was exquisitely written and it struck me right in the heart.
Lovely, lovely post my dear exhausted, fellow mama.
#1 Gottaget on 2014-01-10 11:38
Oi, it's so true, Ali. I've struggled a lot with the addition of baby #3. It's not been the "piece of cake" I was foolishly anticipating. :-) But God has placed these little ones in my life and I would give my all for them as a Mama, no matter how hard, lonely or tired some days are. It's infinitely worth it!
#2 Beckie on 2014-01-24 08:35
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