Ali - may I ask a dumb question? Why are they inducing you ? Maybe the longer he is in there the artery would keep growing ??? Are you having a cesarian ? Is it dangerous to keep him in there longer ?
#1 nancy on 2014-06-29 01:22
Not a dumb question at all! Basically, he's just not going to be allowed to go past his due date because the risks at that point (aging placenta, potential drop in fluid levels etc) outweigh the benefit of just a couple more days on the inside. His actual due date happens to fall this Friday, the 4th of July, which is a less-than-ideal day to start an induction for myriad reasons. No one really wants this guy to be born on a holiday weekend, so we picked Canada's birthday instead. :-) It's just 3 days 'early' so any real growth that's going to happen would have happened by now.
#1.1 Ali C. (Homepage) on 2014-06-29 13:50
God and mothers everywhere are holding you up.
#1.1.1 Patsy O'Connor on 2014-06-29 20:57
Hi Ali,
I don't know you but I just saw your story posted on Facebook. I too am a heart mama. We found out with my daughter at 2 weeks when she had a continuous murmur since birth. Her left pulm artery is attached to the aorta. So she had her surgery at 2 mos at Denver children's where we live. The surgeon was able to stretch the artery to the main pulm. I know it's so scary for you and your family. We will be praying for you all this week. Ali your baby doesn't have to be strapped to the bed all the time. I was able to breastfeed my daughter hours after surgery, holding her. It was intimidating with all the tubes but i did it. Our little girl was held almost the entire week we were in the hospital. We only used the crib for diaper changes and medicine giving. Try to hold your son as much as possible. A lactation consultant told me to do skin to skin after surgery. I was afraid of giving her germs so i didn't right away but right after surgery i put my cheek to her cheek and i placed my hand on her forehead and had my family trade off with me when i had to eat or sleep. Jesus is with you and he's with your son. He will be with him during and after surgery.
#1.1.2 lauren on 2014-06-30 18:59
Dear Family of Ethan,
I have been praying for all of you and will continue. God Bless and wrap you all in His loving embrace.
#2 Peggy Barrette on 2014-06-29 05:42
I will be in prayer!
#3 Patty Harral on 2014-06-29 07:13
Dearest Ali,

I know I haven't written before but I have been devouring every word you post and sharing it with my family. This morning we are driving to Allentown from mark and Beth's, a beautiful drive down through northern Pennsylvania, in order to be with our chapel family and we are praying for you! For Ethan and Zoe and Phil too. We will continue esp fervently through this week. This week I am reading in Isaiah and hit ch 43 at the same time as I was reading a book called Under the Rainbow by Catherine Campbell. (Not sure if you've read it but I think you might get it better than I do at this point.) so while reading I am honestly getting more and more concerned about what trials He is preparing me for. But perhaps it is just a reminder to me to love on you a bit where you will know it. You are doing an amazing job! You are a testimony to us of God's strength and grace and whatever happens this week I am confident that He Who began a good work in you will keep that good work up! Much much love and prayers!
But now, O Jacob, listen to the LORD who created you. O Israel, the one who formed you says, “Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine. (Isaiah 43:1 NLT)For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland. (Isaiah 43:19 NLT)
#4 John and meg, Abbi and Ian on 2014-06-29 07:50
The dangerous gift of hope indeed.

Oh sweetheart, continuing as ever to hold you all in my prayers. You are in my thoughts every day.

Share when you are ready, we are here, praying and loving and waiting and ready to provide whatever you need from us. A circle or far scattered friends :-) Most of whom i suppose you are unlikely to ever meet in person! Blogging really is a gift.

Blessings and peace and strength to you my dear.
#5 Ellie (Homepage) on 2014-06-29 10:22
Continuing to pray for you and your Family and Baby Ethan as the day of bringing him into the world is quickly approaching! May God continue to bless you and give you the strength that you need to deliver this miracle baby
#6 Nancy McClelland on 2014-06-29 16:26
Wow Ali, I met you very briefly on the ship in Freetown before you had Zoe. I thought then that you were a unique and remarkable woman. It has taken me a while to read your journey so far. As a PICU nurse I do find it very emotional to hear how parents are feeling throughout their journeys, especially as I am so familiar with the medical side of things. The raw and honest emotion in which you have written brought me to tears - many times. Reading the blog confirmed my first thoughs of you! I know that GOD holds all 4 of you in his loving arms and he will be working through the hands of the surgeons, doctors and nurses at CHOP. You are all very much in my prayers and will continue to be. With much love claire x
#7 Claire Collins on 2014-06-29 21:17
Thank you for allowing us in to your remarkable life as much as you have. We'll pray, and we'll wait. If you never updated again, you and your family would remain in the prayers of so many people, forever. Thanks, hugs and prayers to you all.
#8 JB on 2014-06-29 22:32
We are praying for you here in Hopewell! The Lord bless you and keep you in the hours to come.
#9 Nancy B. Kennedy (Homepage) on 2014-06-30 13:20
"We've now been given the dangerous gift of hope that we might be able to get by without it" (shunt surgery) ----I will be praying that as your prayers continue and as they grow in frequency and in depth over these next few days that your HOPE would also grow, multiplying in magnitude and strength. ---that your belief in God's perfect plan for Ethan's life would bring incredible, courageous hope.
Hope is never dangerous when it is placed in the hands of our good God!
God bless you on this precious journey, awesome momma.
#10 Miriam on 2014-06-30 17:59
I stumbled upon this blog tonight. Ethan is in our prayers.
#11 Katie on 2014-06-30 20:10
I just stumbled on this and felt compelled to say a prayer. Bless you and your family. May God be near to you and the baby and family. I pray for a simple birth and for unexpected good!
#12 theresa on 2014-06-30 23:19
We are praying for you all. May you feel the presence of God. May He bring you comfort, wisdom, courage, faith, hope, and all the miracles you will ever need. Much love to you all!
#13 Karen Yuschak on 2014-07-01 12:21
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