Tears. Hugs. I followed your blog since before your pregnancy with Ethan. He is such a gift and I look forward to see his dear face in my IG feed every day. Your Faith is so beautiful and inspiring. May God give you an abundance of His peace in spite of the inevitable fear and uncertainty.
#1 Heidi Weaver on 2015-09-03 23:38
But God is the God of the waves and the billows, and they are still His when they come over us; and again and again we have proved that the overwhelming thing does not overwhelm. Once more by His interposition deliverance came. We were cast down, but not destroyed.

Amy Carmichael
#2 Ani Beitz on 2015-09-04 07:30
I love the song - Just Be Held - but it's a song and you're living LIFE. Our prayers are never far away - but HIS LOVE is never even an inch away. Be strong in the faith Little One - He Cares for YOU!
#3 Uncle Dan & Aunt Sue on 2015-09-04 08:16
Hi Ali, I've been following Ethan's facebook page and here in Haiti, we pray for him every day. We've prayed for him since before he was born. My children are very interested in knowing how he is doing and if they don't hear for a while, they will ask how's Ethan? Just wanted to say keep hanging on and trusting God! I'm so glad to know he's doing ok, but I understand how hard it is to see him so unhappy. just makes you want to do something!!! It's so exciting to see the way God answers prayer.We're praying. (I couldn't leave a fb comment, because I don't have a fb account.) =)
#4 Rhonda on 2016-05-26 15:36
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